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NaVorro Bowman

What a gut wrenching injury and to have it replayed so many times…

Well, initially they were reporting that it was the end of this 49′rs career.  Add to that the abominable (yes, I agree) behavior of the Seahawks fans and some of their players, and it was just an overall downer.

It turns out that just the ACL and MCL were torn and they’re suggesting that it will take 9 months to rehab.  I wonder what we could do with such a special client!

GMO’s — what do you think?

This issue is not going away.  A new bill is before the legislature specifically dealing with farmed salmon and apples that are engineered not to go brown when they are cut.  What do you think?  Should food with Genetically Modified Organisms be labelled as such or does the cost of doing so get the manufacturer’s off the hook again?