Get your belly on!

Introduced in 1980, the STOTT PILATES® Method has brought together a group of exercises to help restore the natural curvature of the spine while re-balancing the muscles around the joints, emphasizing scapular stabilization. This method focuses on five basic principles: breathing • pelvic placement • ribcage placement • scapular movement • head & cervical spine placement

The benefits of the STOTT PILATES method include:

  • increases in strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and body awareness
  • decreases in back pain and other general pains
  • improvement in the way your body feels, looks, and functions
  • easy on the joints
  • injury prevention
  • enhances sport performance
  • improvements in  coordination, posture, & blood circulation
  • complements other forms of exercise
  • easily customizable to suit each individual’s needs

STOTT PILATES combined with some type of cardiovascular activity (running, walking, swimming, etc) is ideal when wanting to gain the greatest condition for sport performance or any other physical recreation.

Certified as a STOTT PILATES Instructor, our very own Laura Bancroft, LPTA, CLT brings her knowledge and expertise in creating a Pilates-inspired treatment plan for individuals who may need to strengthen their core, increase flexibility and coordination, or to improve spinal dysfunction…just to name a few.

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